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Field of action: “Environment and energy”

The Schaeffler Group’s sustainability strategy documents the company’s high standard when it comes to environmental protection and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2017, the company defined the focus issue “Commitment to climate protection” for the “Environment and energy” field of action. The targets are clearly defined: Increasing energy efficiency by 40% by 2020 (base year 2011) and carbon neutrality for one location in each region in the medium-term. The Schaeffler Group is implementing a stringent energy policy and related measures in order to meet these targets.

The Schaeffler Group’s energy policy commits both the Board of Managing Directors and the company’s employees to energy efficiency and to saving resources, acting sustainably, and continuously improving energy management. The Schaeffler Group measures and monitors its progress with respect to energy management using its energy data management system (EDMS).

In 2017, a pilot project aimed at further digitalizing energy management and maintenance was initiated at Schaeffler’s Berndorf location in Austria. In the first step of the project’s development, data-based energy efficiency and maintenance as well as the appropriate supply to all machines and the production environment were combined in what is known as the Schaeffler Group's digital platform. The pilot project is designed to help develop new approaches to increasing the “Industry 4.0 capability” of machines, plants, and buildings and to solve new innovation-related issues early on.

To help the company effectively protect the environment, the Schaeffler Group has implemented environmental management systems in accordance with the European EMAS (“Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”) Directive and the ISO 14001 standard at all of its relevant locations. The Schaeffler Group’s locations utilize an energy management system based on the ISO 50001 standard to make their operating processes more energy-efficient. The number of manufacturing locations certified under ISO 50001 worldwide increased from 57 to 61 in 2017. Nearly all manufacturing locations worldwide have been validated under EMAS and certified under ISO 14001 by independent assessors. The Schaeffler Group has demonstrated its first-rate environmental management by having nearly all of its manufacturing locations worldwide entered into the EMAS site register by the end of 2017.

In February 2017, Schaeffler officially commissioned a new filtration and river water abstraction plant on the banks of the Main river in Schweinfurt that had been constructed over a period of several months. It is aimed at helping to make production at the Schaeffler Group’s Schweinfurt location more economical while reducing the strain on the valuable ground water supply and meeting environmental requirements imposed by the city of Schweinfurt and the Water and Shipping Authority.

The Schaeffler Group also strives to support its employees in making their mobility more sustainable. To this end, it is in the process of implementing a comprehensive conceptual mobility plan. As part of the plan, the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles at the company’s German locations was doubled compared to the prior year. In addition, the Schaeffler Group has opened up its company car policy in Germany to plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, allowing employees to order and use these vehicles as company vehicles.

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