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Health management and occupational safety

The demographic trend is profoundly changing the structure of the group’s workforce. The future success of the company depends on the employee’s qualification and motivation and on the long-term maintenance of their health. The Schaeffler Group’s workplace health management program is based on the principles of the Luxembourg Declaration and represents a key element of the HR initiatives.

The design of the workplace health management program focuses on measures to maintain the mental and physical health of the company’s employees as well as their capacity to work and their performance capabilities. Priorities are measures regarding the musculoskeletal system and providing individual skills for coping with stress. Ergonomic measures and reducing the negative impact of shift work also contribute to prevention.

The company consolidates measures promoting the health of individual employees in the “pit stop” (“Boxenstopp”) program by specific target groups. In addition to this program, the company offers a multitude of measures for target groups with comparable tasks and similar health risks. Measures offered are based on an analysis of the requirements at each location, guaranteeing that they are tailored.

The workplace health management program is part of Schaeffler’s EnEHS management system (Energy Environment Health and Safety) which ensures that working conditions are continually reviewed and occupational safety requirements complied with. Certification takes place worldwide in accordance with the European EMAS (“Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”) Directive. The company regularly holds information days, training sessions and continuing education seminars on occupational safety. These types of preventative and awareness measures helped reduce the accident rate from 8.4 to 7.1 AccR (AccR = lost time accidents per 1 million labor hours) during the reporting period.

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