Technological Expertise and Systems Know-how

Annual Report 2015 | Mobility for Tomorrow

Our success: The consequence of technology leadership, ­manufacturing expertise, and systems know-how

An aircraft engine at an altitude of 10,000 meters. A Le Mans race car that accelerates to 330 km/h. Or a machine tool drive that works with an accuracy of two thousandths of a millimeter. High-precision components and systems from Schaeffler are used wherever the world is in motion and top-class performance is called for. We use the expertise that is necessary for such high-tech applications to shape the mobility for tomorrow and thus an important part of the future for mankind: energy-efficient drives for urban and interurban traffic as well as components that are critical to the successful generation of clean energy.

Quality, technology, and innovation have always been key factors for the success of the Schaeffler Group. What exactly is behind them? There are three core competencies that ensure our long-term economic success. Our global research and development network working collaboratively worldwide provides the basis for continuous innovation, identifying new enabling technologies as well as generating and implementing ideas for new, customer-relevant products based thereon.

Our manufacturing expertise is brought to bear when it comes to the industrial production of innovative components and systems. Whether in the construction of a new plant, the setup of a new assembly line, or even the introduction of a new machining technology: A worldwide network of specialists not only ensures that new products run off the line in excellent quality right from start, but also that production technologies are constantly being refined.

That fact that we continually improve products and processes is due to Schaeffler’s in-depth system understanding – a core competency that extends far beyond our own products and in fact focuses on their use in customer applications. We are constantly broadening our understanding of these systems so that we can rise to meet new challenges such as digitalization, for example.

This brings us to what is perhaps the most important reason for Schaeffler’s success: the employees of Schaeffler, who develop new ideas for tomorrow’s world day after day – based on extensive experience.

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